It's a museum of amazing creations made by one man, and it has a perfect name. 'Matchstick Marvels.'

The incredible works of Patrick Acton are on display throughout this Tama County museum housed in Gladbrook, Iowa. Acton has created over 70 pieces, using more than seven MILLION matchsticks.

One of Acton's finely-detailed masterpieces that are getting a lot of attention right now is his Notre Dame Cathedral. Following the devastating fire at the world treasure earlier this week, tons of people have been calling the museum, wanting to see it.

Acton finished the recreation, pictured above and in three photos below, in 2010. It's made of almost 300,000 matchsticks and is more than seven feet long.

Here are some of the museum's other displays, all created by Acton. The U.S. Capitol:

A Dodge Charger:

Space Shuttle:

You can see these amazing works of matchsticks and wood glue at the Matchstick Marvels museum, that's open daily from 1 pm to 5 pm. However, it is closed on Easter Sunday.

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