As the temperatures climb back into the upper 80's and lower 90's today, remember the little guy or gal in the back seat! When the weather is that hot you simply can't leave your youngsters in your vehicle for even a short amount of time.

A central Iowa child died over the weekend after being left in a car while his father spent time in a local barber shop. Des Moines police say that the child was left unattended as his father lingered inside the shop. Temperatures in Des Moines over the weekend were in the lower 90's. Charges against the father are pending.

As a father of three, I can understand being forgetful about certain things. Where is my phone? Where are my keys? What time do I work? Parental fatigue can lead to those questions and many more. But the one I NEVER experienced was, where is my kid? How could you forget he or she is there? And if you KNOW they're in the car how could you leave them out there in the heat?

A sad reminder about how quickly your car can heat up.


[via KCRG]