[UPDATED THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 9:30 a.m. after receiving updated information from the City of Cedar Rapids]

If you thought the road construction season in Cedar Rapids was about to end, you thought wrong. The city has announced one of the city's bridges over the Cedar River will be closing to traffic early next week.

According to a release from the City of Cedar Rapids, the Cedar River Trail will be closing on the east of the river from 8th Avenue to 16th Ave SE on Friday, September 30. Traffic from the trail will be detoured to 2nd Street SE during construction.

The 12th Avenue bridge itself will close to all traffic between 2nd Street S.E. and C Street SW, beginning Tuesday, October 4. *The city had previously reported that closure would happen on Friday, September 30. That area of 12th Avenue, including the bridge, will be closing so permanent flood control can be put into place. The bridge is expected to reopen in the spring of 2023.

Last year at about this time, the 16th Avenue Bridge was closed to all traffic as permanent flood control was put in place on both sides of the river. It reopened this spring. The City of Cedar Rapids has also done flood control work at the ends of the 3rd Avenue bridge, with work ongoing near the 1st Avenue bridge.

Cedar Rapids continues to look at replacing and raising the 8th Avenue bridge. The new bridge is expected to sit 15 feet higher than the one that's in place now. A definite timeline and funding for the project have not yet been confirmed.

All these projects have been a small inconvenience, but every piece of permanent flood control is more peace of mind. That's something every Cedar Rapidian can appreciate.

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