My first thought when I saw the video below was, 'Are you kidding me?' That was followed by a firm shake of the head and relief that something terrible didn't happen here. This could've been really, really bad.

The video below was shot in a Cedar Rapids neighborhood this week. The job to take down this huge tree looks to me like it called for a large truck, with a lift, and some patience. That's not what the job got. A chainsaw, let 'er fall, and hope for the best? Are you kidding me?

As you'll see, the massive tree came crashing down into the street (thank goodness it didn't hit any homes). However, as the "tree-cutter" took off running, the tree did hit power lines on the way down. The man caught a break there, too, as the lines themselves didn't come down. A homeowner with no experience? Professional that was anything but? That's an unknown but, either way, hopefully, he learned a valuable lesson and won't try this approach again.

Iowa's News Now spoke with Frank Orr, who's owned and operated Frank's Tree Service in Marion. Frank expressed his concern to Iowa's News Now after watching the video:

Some companies are trying to get a quick buck, get in and get out and I'm not saying that's what he was doing but he was hurrying and that's how people get hurt...

You want someone who has workers comp. Someone who has good reliability, and then you want a good credible name.

Crewman Devin Coyle was astounded at what he saw, telling Iowa's News Now,

Had that hung up on the power lines, that would have electrocuted that guy. That completes the circuit. 

If you need any type of work that requires hiring a contractor, you can check the Cedar Rapids city website for tips. To determine if a specific contractor is licensed to work in Iowa, reach out to the Building Services Department at 319-286-5929. Hours are weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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