The summer heat certainly doesn't make it easy to care for your lawn. Especially, if you are elderly or disabled. Luckily, a Cedar Rapids teen is here to help.

KCRG-TV9 reports that thirteen-year-old Logan Haines from Cedar Rapids has been using his summer free time to help out others. Haines is participating in the 50 Yard Challenge, which challenges kids age seven to 17 to "cut 50 lawns FREE for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans, and anyone in need." The challenge is organized by Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service (RMLCS, RWLCS), "an ordinary yard maintenance service committed to establishing an inspiring program to keep youth (girls & boys) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society."

Kids must register online and will receive a different colored t-shirt for every 10 lawns they mow. Kids like Haines who are up for the challenge and complete all 50 yards will receive a brand new lawnmower, weed eater, and blower. Pretty sweet deal. There's no time limit for Haines to complete the challenge, but it should be done before summer ends. The challenge changes to leaf raking and snow shoveling in the fall and winter seasons.

Haines is confident that he'll finish as he's already mowed 22 lawns in the community with 28 left to go. That shouldn't be a problem considering he told KCRG that he's booked out pretty much every day.

Haines plans on continuing to mow lawns for those in need even after he completes the challenge as he enjoys it as much as the homeowners do.

“I’m gonna keep mowing peoples yards because a lot of people want me to keep coming back,” said Haines. “For people who haven’t done it and want to do it, I think you should cause it’s really fun. And just helping people makes you feel good.” -Logan Haines told KCRG.

Logan's mom told KCRG that Logan has not only learned different lawn care techniques but also how to open up with others like the elderly.

Logan is among 10 kids in Iowa participating in the challenge. If you are in need of some lawn care help and want Logan to make a visit, you can reach out to his mom through her Facebook page.

Way to go Logan! Thanks for helping take care of our community!

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