YES! That was the first thought that came to my mind when I learned the City of Cedar Rapids is planning to open pools this year. And I don't even swim. I just know what a huge, social activity it is for kids. An activity they had to do without last year. It's safe to say this year's openings are great news for parents, too.

The city announced this morning that they will be using a phased approach to reopening and that adjustments will be made, as warranted by the ongoing pandemic.

The first pool to open will be the Noelridge Aquatic Center, which is in the photo above. It will open for the Memorial Day weekend on Saturday, May 29, through Monday, May 31.

The Cherry Hill Aquatic Center will have an evening swim to kick-off the season on Tuesday, June 1. Cherry Hill will start daily operations the following day.

The city's other three public pools at Bever Park, Jones Park, and Ellis Park won't open 'til the final week of June, and only during the afternoon.

A media release from the City of Cedar Rapids states that the plans above keep with the normal phasing in of pool openings. That allows the city to make any necessary changes before all of the pools are open on a daily basis.

Lifeguard and swim instructor certification classes have already begun, but training will be slower this year, due to the limits on class sizes. The phased openings of city pools will also assure that everyone is hired and trained.

When pools open, all patrons must wear masks except when in the water, eating and drinking, or using deck furniture. Swimmers will be able to bring their own deck furniture until pool furniture is available. Personal items must be taken home each day. Lifeguards will be required to wear masks except when in elevated lifeguard chairs or in the water. There will be no season passes sold, but the punch card system is being adjusted to make swimming less costly for those who swim often.

You can find more details on the city's plans HERE.

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