If you've ever had one of those days where you really needed to let loose on something, and who hasn't, a new Cedar Rapids business is for you.

All Out Rampage is set to open its doors in Cedar Rapids for a chance to release your rage and have a lot of fun at the same time. As their website says, they "aim to help our customers relieve their stress in a fun and destructive way. Our goal is to provide a safe space where they can be free to take out their frustrations on materials and equipment instead of people."

A safe space for destructive fun and the first business of its type in Cedar Rapids, All Out Rampage will offer 20-minute sessions, with a variety of cost options. Just look at the "weapons" of destruction you'll have at your disposal for what looks to me like a smashingly good time.

Just what can you break? Everything from chairs to electronics (who hasn't wanted to smash something in the office), major appliances, lamps, glass, and more. You can even bring your own items to obliterate, which I think could be especially therapeutic. The list of acceptable items is here with a list of rules here.

Roy Green is the owner of the All Out Rampage. He tells me that this spring he "was watching videos on YouTube and came across a video of people breaking stuff in a room and I then went down a deep rabbit hole of rage rooms. A month later I was told at my job that my whole department was closing and they would be giving us a severance package with our exit. That was April 16th. I wrote out a business plan, used the money I got from my job, and another loan from my bank, and started to open All Out Rampage... my first-ever business, and I'm hoping that it’s a big hit and everyone will check it out even if it’s just to stop by and say 'hi'. I just want to make people happy because we all need all we can get of that these days."

All Out Rampage is located at 371 Edgewood Road NW, in the Edgewood Plaza. Green says he will be open on Friday, December 17. The next day is his birthday.

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