Over the years, Dog-O-Ween has become one of our favorite events of the fall. Unfortunately, this year the event WON'T be held at either of the Cedar Rapids Theisen's locations, for very good reason.

Last week, there was an outbreak of the canine parvovirus in Cedar Rapids. Parvovirus is serious and highly contagious, according to PetMD. The Cedar Valley Humane Society was closed all of last week for a deep cleaning and disinfecting and, during the week, confirmed 15 cases of parvovirus, according to a post on their Facebook page.

Theisen's tells us that after being in touch with the Humane Society and discussing the situation with local vet clinics, they've made the difficult decision to cancel the event at both Cedar Rapids locations. The Humane Society advises you to limit your dog's exposure to public places, including pet stores, at this time. The decision to cancel the Cedar Rapids events doesn't come lightly, as the Cedar Valley Humane Society benefits directly from Dog-O-Ween. If you'd like to make a donation to the CVHS, which is struggling to pay for all the costs associated with last week's outbreak, you can do so HERE.

The outbreak is a local one. As a result, Dog-O-Ween WILL be held at Theisen's in Coralville.

For your dog's safety, we will REQUIRE current vaccination records from all participants. Records must show proof of rabies and the canine Distemper/Parvo/Bordetella vaccine. The distemper is typically abbreviated as "DHPPV,” “DHPP,” “DA2PP,” or “DA2PPV”.

More information on the event is available HERE.

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