Being a meteorologist can be tough. Ask any man or woman that holds that position in the entire midwest right now and they'd probably tell you they're wondering if their career choice was the right one.

Ok, so the above is a stretch, to say the least. However, as much fun as meteorologists are probably having with such "unique" (that's the only remotely kind word I can find to describe it) weather, they have to be getting tired of our incessant complaining about our unseasonably cold temperatures and the fact we're under a WINTER STORM WARNING ON APRIL 18. Oops, the caps lock stuck. Clearly, this weather isn't their fault. That's what I thought, at least until the Marion Police Department showed me otherwise. This morning, they arrested TV 9 meteorologist Kaj O'Mara. The charge? "Theft of Spring season and deception to providing false hope of warmer weather to the citizens of eastern Iowa."

*If the video of his arrest isn't visible below, you can watch it HERE.

Joking aside, we have a serious weather situation affecting the area today with falling temps and icy conditions. There's also the possibility of heavy snow this afternoon. The snow could fall at a rate of up to two inches per hour. That would spell big visibility issues, not to mention the other possible impacts on travel throughout the day.

Stay safe out there and remember today is winter's last hurrah. This is it! Promise! Count on it! (Says the radio guy who once dreamt of being a meteorologist. Seeing those handcuffs reminds me again that I made the right decision.)

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