A Cedar Rapids man stayed up for 55 hours straight all because of Netflix. No, he wasn't binge-watching a new series. He was actually a contestant on a new game called "Awake: The Million Dollar Game."

Kyle Steele says that as a business owner, he's used to working some very long hours. He says if he gets rolling on an idea he'll go for 24 to 30 hours straight. On the new Netflix show that premiered on Friday, contestants have to stay awake for 24 hours and then compete in a series of challenges for the chance to win a million dollars.

Steele says they were allowed to have drinks like pop, water, and coffee when the recorded the show in California last August.  But they were limited to just one Red Bull. He says that he remembers feeling that his mind and body were out of sync. Steele said that after traveling to the west coast, taping the show, and then returning home, he was up for 58 hours straight!

If you want to find out how Kyle Steele did on the show, he's featured in episode two of "Awake: The Million Dollar Game." Start binge-watching now!



[via KCRG]

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