It's nice to have a someone to talk to and a space to do it in when times are tough. Thanks to a Cedar Rapids man, many artists who have been struggling during the pandemic have just that.

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According to KCRG, Kyle Hoffman lost his job at Go Daddy in June during the coronavirus pandemic. It turns out that losing his job actually pushed Hoffman to "get creative." He got to work turning his basement into a "makeshift studio" to start a new podcast. Hoffman's podcast is called 'The Pickle Podcast.'  He told KCRG, “I said to myself, ‘Man, we’re really in a pickle...It gave me the idea for a podcast called ‘The Pickle Podcast.'

It was the perfect title considering the show consists of Hoffman interviewing those in the arts that have been struggling during the pandemic, and pickle tasting. During the show they taste different varieties of pickles and have adult conversation.

A comedian-hobbyist that Hoffman had on his show, Mitch Banks, told KCRG that "it was frustrating not being able to stand in front of a microphone and tell his jokes because a business was closed. He said this podcast gave him that outlet."

It has given others the same outlet it seems as Hoffman has recorded several episodes, four of which you can listen to now on the podcast's website. Keep doing what you're doing, Kyle!

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