As the temperatures fall, the plight of the homeless population in Cedar Rapids grows tougher. Our studios are located across from the Ground Transportation Center. Often, we'll see people sleeping outside or in the stairwells of our parking structure, just trying to stay warm. These people need a place to go.

An emergency winter overflow center is drastically needed. Advocates were hoping to have one open by later this week. But they have yet to secure a location for that shelter. Officials with Willis Daddy Homeless Services say they expect a deal for a location on the cities southeast side should be done by later today, with the shelter open by December 1st.

The space is anticipated to be within a five-minute walk from the Green Square Park area and will be able to house around 50 people. That would hopefully be enough to help all those who are currently sleeping outdoors or in parking structures find the shelter they need.

Cedar Rapids currently has 75 permanent beds for the homeless.


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