After achieving five new record high temperatures in February, Cedar Rapids started March by setting yet another mark and this one came as a surprise to me.

It's been a very strange winter in Iowa. We can certainly all agree on that. The unseasonably warm weather was one thing, but when the National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch Tuesday afternoon I was like, WHAT?! Unheard of, right? Turns out, yes. The National Weather Service says, it was the "first tornadoes ever recorded in the DVN CWA (Davenport County Warning Area) in February." Add that to the craziness of February.

While we've seen more than our fair share of warm weather, very little snow has fallen the last couple months. Just how little shocked me. Now, I recognize I haven't shoveled much and can't even remember the last time I fired up the snow blower, and I'm ok with that. However, would you believe we've set a record for the longest time between one-inch snowfalls (in a single day) since weather records have been kept in Cedar Rapids? Really, 74 days!? Today would mark 75, and my money is on extending it. I'm ok with that, how 'bout you? After a taste of temperatures in the 70's, I'm done with winter... even if it hasn't been much of a winter.

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