This Saturday marks the 150th Anniversary of the Cedar Rapids Fire Department and the downtown squad is celebrating with an Open House, inviting residents to stop in for a tour.

It's a great time for parents to bring the the kids for a visit of the fire station and give them a close-up look at the trucks and life-saving equipment used by firefighters in their daily work.

It's notable because it was just this week that TV personality and social activist Jon Stewart made worldwide headlines in calling out the U.S. Congress, demanding they pass legislation to fund the 9/11 First Responders' Fund.

For years since the tragic events of 9/11, the heroes of New York City have struggled with respiratory illnesses and deaths caused by the aftermath of the World Trade Center disasters. Yesterday, Stewart scolded leaders of Congress and demanded better for our men and women who risk their lives daily for their communities.

Back home in Cedar Rapids, new local Fire Chief Gregory Smith, along with the women and men who serve on the CRFD, are proud to welcome you to their corner of the world, offering giveaway bike helmets, safety tips, and other items to show their appreciation.

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