A Cedar Rapids restaurant that has recently been closed on Sundays has now closed altogether with the menu boards turned away from prospective customers at the drive-thru.

The Blairs Ferry Road Wendy's in Cedar Rapids has closed. Just how long it will last is unknown but a sign on the back door and at the drive-thru says the closure is "due to lack of staff."

A couple of other signs still remain on the back door. They indicate the dining room is closed for seating as well as the temporary hours the restaurant had been running on prior to the closure.

Bob James

While many restaurants have been dealing with understaffing issues recently, online reviews for the Blairs Ferry Road Wendy's appear to show it's been an ongoing issue.


I was first introduced to Wendy's as a middle schooler years ago when I went to my first Iowa football game in Iowa City with a high school buddy and his dad. I remember thinking that day how "fancy" Wendy's burgers seemed compared to McDonald's.

Hopefully, the menu boards will be turned back toward the drive-thru at this northeast-side Wendy's soon, indicating they've been able to reopen near Blairs Ferry Road and Edgewood Road, one of Cedar Rapids busiest areas these days.

Bob James

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