Jenna and Jeremiah Baustian of Cedar Rapids had been trying to conceive for the last couple of years. Last December, Jenna's dad Tom Silver, who had been running his own trucking company for nearly four decades, passed away unexpectedly while trucking out of state. So when the happy couple found out about a month after his death that they were pregnant with their first biological child, they knew exactly what they had to do for the baby's gender reveal.

Tom W. Silver Trucking was known for decked out rigs with specialty paint jobs, lighting, and lots of chrome. When you saw one of his trucks, you knew it. However, his trucks never had this kind of honor before. Jenna's sister, Jill, tells me,

Dad could not be here physically, but we wanted the truck to represent his spirit. It was an exciting and emotional reveal.

It's also about the most awesome I've ever seen:

Congratulations Jenna, Jeremiah, and to June, who will soon be a big sister!

Truck family Jill Silver

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