August 10 the derecho hit Cedar Rapids. August 11, Bridgette Robinson and her husband started providing free hot meals to the community. They now hope to do it permanently.

The Robinsons', parents of seven children, have been setting up their grill each day under the 8th Avenue bridge near the corner of 8th Avenue and 3rd Street Southwest in Cedar Rapids. Each day they feed up to 100 people. Why do they do it? Bridgette told KWWL,

We lived in a not-so-great neighborhood in Illinois and, coming here, we've always been… we always have had a home and we've always had food. So, for us, it hits closer than most people realize.

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During the last month, the Robinsons have received heartfelt thanks from everyone they've provided free meals to, and that's led them to want to continue to provide for their fellow residents. The couple plans to open a non-profit mobile soup kitchen, which they've already filed paperwork for. Bridgette started a GoFundMe page to help finance it. She set the goal at $10,000, with more than $3,000 raised so far. You can learn more and donate HERE.

Michael K., one of the people who donated to the cause, said,

On a Sunday afternoon we were unknowingly behind this amazing couple at Sam's Club, they were purchasing groceries to feed those in need. He accidentally dropped his card, we saw it, they stuck with me. It warmed my heart when I then saw their goodness on the news and am grateful for the opportunity to donate.

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