I don't know about you, but I find it very hard to bowl strikes, especially multiple strikes in a row. Well for some bowling enthusiasts that's clearly not so hard.

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A man by the name of Quincy Bruce is a league bowler who didn't have any problem bowling strikes. According to KCRG, Bruce just broke a Cedar Rapids bowling record that was held for 21 years.

On April 6 at May City Bowl in Cedar Rapids, Bruce shot 11 pins short of perfection and broke the house and city series record with a score of 889! In his first game Quincy was just shy of a perfect game with a score of 299. Then, he actually rolled a perfect 300 game, followed by a 290. You don't have to be good at bowling to know that's some good bowling.

What an awesome moment.

It is just unreal for me I can’t believe I did it. It was just an amazing feeling to do it here around all my friends and loved ones,” Bruce told KCRG.

This isn't the first time records have been broken in the area either. Just last month, KCRG reports that Brook Posts of Marion set the new state record at the time with a score of 857 in her three-game series.

We've got some talented bowlers here in Iowa. I'm definitely not one of them, but it sure is fun to play anyways. If you want to test your bowling skills there are plenty of places to bowl here in the Cedar Rapids area. See them listed below:

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