It's been said repeatedly, 2020 was a rough year. The coronavirus pandemic led to business closure and therefore job loss. Some areas were worse off than others, and luckily Cedar Rapids was on the better end of things.

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If you experienced job loss recently, you may want to do some job searching in Cedar Rapids. That because we were among the best cities to find a job in, according to WalletHub. Yay, us!

Right now with the current national unemployment rate at 6.7%, according to the WalletHub study, your success of landing a job depends substantially on your location. The study compared the job market and socio-economics over 32 metrics, such as opportunities, growth, income and more, in 182 U.S. cities to determine the best job markets in America. Good news for us here in Iowa, as our two largest cities are on the better half of this list.

Cedar Rapids ranked #42, while Des Moines was a little further up at #26. See how we compared in the graphic below.

Source: WalletHub

The best city for finding a job was South Burlington, Vermont, while the worst was Hialeah, Florida. Yikes.

The 42nd spot isn't bad. The current unemployment rate in Iowa is 4.7 percent as of September, according to the Iowa Workforce Development. That's not bad considering we're in a pandemic. I guess that means if you're in search of a job, Cedar Rapids could be just the place for you.

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