Like many, I watched Letterman's final show last night. And like many, I wondered what was going to happen Thursday night, and over the next couple months, as Colbert won't take over till September 8th.  Tonight we got that answer, and learned another disturbing fact.  Tonight, instead of a summer full of reruns to ease that transition, we were "treated" to an episode of "The Mentalist".  Wait, what?  Nothing against the Mentalist, but how is this going to help the Late Night situation on CBS?  It's all about habit building.  So why give your audience the chance to spend the summer getting hooked on one of the Jimmy's?  How is this going to help Stephen Colbert?  I just don't get this strange move.  It's also wierd Letterman ended on a Wednesday.  You think it'd be a Friday?  But what was the rush?  And how was there no apparent transition plan?  Maybe Monday will bring something different.

But what's worse is the dishonor that was given to Dave moments after the final guest left the audience, according to the New York Post.  The set and all the audience chairs were ripped out, and most of it was simply tossed in the dumpster.  Seriously?  Just hours after the show?  Many fans were still in the vicinity as the iconic Brooklyn Bridge set piece was cut to bits and tossed in the trash.  What a way to honor the legend, especially considering no show was ready to immediately launch.  I just don't get what the rush was.  Minimally, you would think they'd at least wait till the cover of night.  Thankfully, some stuff was saved, including the George Washington Bridge set piece.

Letterman's red theater chairs and the iconic NYC bridges that made up the set of the “Late Show" are no more.

Posted by New York Post on Thursday, May 21, 2015


I just don't understand the need for the rush, unless it's going to take 3 plus months to build Colbert's elaborate set.  Although, is he even going to be in the Ed Sullivan Theatre? Maybe the rent in due June 1, and they need to be out before then.  I guess we won't know.  But whatever the reason, it just feels all wrong.  Although they knew it was coming for months, it appears CBS didn't plan well for what to do post Dave.

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