The flooding continues

The flooding saw waters breach the Big Sioux River levee, causing extensive internal water damage to hundreds of homes. In Spencer, Iowa, south of the Little Sioux River, resident Ben Thomas reported that many homes are now uninhabitable, submerged on their main floors. This dual impact has affected both homes and businesses alike in the area. 

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Woodbury County officials reported that about a dozen bridges spanning the Little Sioux River were inundated, requiring inspections before reopening to traffic. President Joe Biden approved a major disaster declaration for affected Iowa counties, enabling federal aid deployment. 

In Humboldt, Iowa, where the Des Moines River was expected to crest at a record 16.5 feet (5 meters), emergency manager Kyle Bissell reported significant flooding affecting backyards and foundations. Sandbagging efforts, totaling nearly 68,000 bags, were underway amid high humidity and temperatures. 


How is wildlife impacted?

The Associated Press says: In northwest Iowa, the Forever Wildlife Lodge and Clinic has been overwhelmed, responding to over 200 distress calls since the flooding began. Amanda Hase, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, described the situation as catastrophic for local wildlife. Animals are being displaced from dens, injured by debris, and separated from their families. Responders are handling a variety of species in distress, including fawns, groundhogs, bunnies, and eaglets, with Hase noting this as the worst wildlife impact she has ever witnessed. 

Animals can suffer the effects of chemical burns, like dermatitis, conjunctivitis, or hair loss, from toxic substances floating in flood waters. Livestock that are in standing water for extended periods of time may experience foot/hoof problems. Even aquatic animals can be detrimentally affected by flooding. Fish and aquatic invertebrates can be transported to areas where they may become stranded as the flooding recedes.

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