You know what Reba McEntire has been up to since Reba, but most of her castmates have stayed pretty busy, too! With rumors of a reboot of her early-'00s television show flying around like seagulls at the beach, it seemed like it'd be fun to see what the rest of the cast looks like these days.

Little Jake is all grown up. That rapscallion Van is a red-blooded stud. Brock is the FaceApp we all wish we had, and Cheyenne married herself a millionaire. A few of the stars of Reba are out of the business, but recent photos show each is thriving even after — in the case of one of the women on the show — a battle with anorexia.

The TV show Reba premiered on Oct. 5, 2001 and aired from then until 2007 on the WB and the CW Networks, and in recent years the main players (McEntire and Peterman among them) have talked about getting the gang together for even more fun. No firm plans have become public, and fans of the long-running family show might be disheartened by the lack of success of McEntire's ABC follow-up Malibu Country and a pilot that didn't get picked up a few years ago.

Is there still an audience for the Hart family? Scroll down to see what the cast is up to.

See What the Cast of Reba Looks Like Now:

Reba McEntire's Great Tragedy: 

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