Just imagining Cassadee Pope's bad habit might make you cringe. Witnessing it? Ugh, you may rage!

Taste of Country's Ania Hammar caught Pope on her way out the door and got in nearly a dozen Last Question questions before the "Take You Home" singer cut her off — politely, of course. Watch and learn how Pope likes her date nights, what her spirit animal is and her go-to karaoke song, even if she thinks karaoke is lame as a rule.

Pope grew up in the '90s, so of course she knows her '90s television and pop music, and she proves it. The one-time The Voice winner also talks tattoos, naming her favorite and revealing plans for more. We pack a lot into 60 seconds, don't we?

Last Question is Taste of Country's micro-interview series in which no question is too dumb. Hammar is the host of ToC News as well as That's What She Said, a weekly country music and pop culture series on YouTube.

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