Seventeen days ago, no one knew who Carson King was. My oh my how that's changed. For anyone living under a rock during that time, Carson is one of the hundreds of fans who were holding signs that were captured by television cameras during ESPN's GameDay in Ames prior to the Iowa State-Iowa game on September 14. For some reason, the sign of this Iowa State fan stood out. I saw Carson's sign and so did plenty of others. The simple message hand-scrawled on posterboard read:

Busch Light Supply
Needs Replenished

To his amazement, Carson started to get money. After he'd raised a few hundred dollars he announced he was going to give the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital in Iowa City. That's when the story went berzerk, and not just here in Iowa.

Carson just announced on KXNO in Des Moines that from the morning hours of Saturday, September 14 through midnight Thursday night, September 30 he raised $2,959,336 dollars for the kids. Just over $40,000 shy of THREE MILLION DOLLARS. That total is just under $178,000 less than KHAK has been proud to raise for that same hospital. The difference? He did it in less than 17 days. It's taken us 23 years and we'll do it for the 24th time next August.

Thank you, Carson. It's impossible to convey just how proud everyone is of what you've accomplished and what that money will do for children who need it most.

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