Carrie Underwood's first post on TikTok is dramatic. The singer and her family worked together to catch an unwanted invader of their privacy.

"There's a bird in our house," Underwood tells the camera, speaking in slow, get-this-thing-out-of-here terms.

Husband Mike Fisher is the one tasked with netting the little flier and setting him free, but that's no easy task, given the terrain. The couple's dangling light fixtures might look pretty, but they create a bit of a maze for a man wielding two fishing nets to weave through. If this story seems familiar, it should.

This isn't the first bird-in-house story to make headlines in recent weeks. Jason Aldean also was tasked with catching and releasing a flying home invader while he and his family were sheltering in their Florida beach house. Aldean actually rescued several birds, using a fishing net to capture one before releasing into the wild. That IGTV video is longer and features his son Memphis using a curse word.

Neither light nor bird were harmed in the making of Underwood's TikTok video. At the very end, fans see Fisher with bird in hand, setting it free into the wild of their backyard. Country singers are a birdie's best friend, it seems, but these stars might prefer more social distancing between them and the local wildlife.

Underwood's video provides some levity in what has been a difficult week in country music, with seemingly every country music tour (including Aldean's) being canceled or postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus. Underwood still has dates on her calendar, including an Oct. 24 show at Stagecoach in California.

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