It's a miracle no one was seriously injured in a mid-morning accident Sunday in West Des Moines.

According to KCCI, a gray Pontiac Grand Prix was traveling on EP True Parkway around 9 a.m. Sunday morning when it hit a sign for a bus stop, jumped the curb and hit a nearby home that had recently been remodeled.

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Homeowner Cherese Schirk came home from work to find the scene above. She told KCCI she found,

... liquor bottles thrown on the yard, a Patron box on my roof. All I could see was a car in my living room.

We Are Iowa reports only one person was in the Grand Prix. He's been identified as 25-year-old Jordan Howes of Kansas City, Missouri. He was hospitalized with what are believed to be non-life-threatening injuries. Police are investigating whether excessive speed and impairment may have resulted in the crash.

Schirk said an accident of this type has concerned her for a long time, living where she does. She claims a curve by her home and people, in her opinion, driving too fast makes it a dangerous situation. She lamented,

one of my biggest fears is someone driving through my trees and through my window. So my biggest fear just came true today. Yeah, my biggest fear.

A contractor who's done work on Schirk's house told her they believed it will cost at least $50,000 for repairs to the home.

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