The coldest temperatures of the year are hammering Eastern Iowa right now, and they are hard on everything. Your home, your pets, and of course, your vehicle. In case you're wondering what you can do to give your car or truck the best chance at continuing to run during these awful temperatures, here are a few tips from car care expects.

If you're like me, you say a little prayer before you head out to your vehicle in the morning. "Dear Lord, please let my car start." The key to any vehicle starting up in this weather is the battery. WDIO reports that most modern day vehicles will start in temperatures of 20 to 30 below zero as long as it has a healthy battery in it. Experts say getting a new battery every four to five years should prevent you from getting stranded. Also, if you're vehicle has been sitting for awhile, take it for a short drive to let the battery charge up.

Other tips you've probably heard of include checking your vehicle's tire pressure for under inflation, filling the washer fluid, and checking your coolant level. Also check that your coolant is protected for up to 30 to 40 below zero. Also, WDIO says that you should also keep at least a half a tank of gasoline in your vehicle too.

If you can keep your car in a garage, you're also ahead of the game. But if you only have a one stall like me, you're out in the cold. Take care of your car and we'll get through this bitter cold streak soon enough!

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