Memorial Day weekend, considered the unofficial first weekend of summer, is a time for lots of people to head out on the water. But those excursions can come with danger, as two kayakers discovered in Winnesheik County, near the town of Kendallville.

The Sheriff's office there had to rescue two young kayakers, a 24-year-old male and a teenager when they fell out of their boats. It happened Saturday night around 7:45 p.m. when authorities received the call. The Winnisheik County Sherriff, Dan Marx said this was already the third river rescue by his department. It's a problem, he says, escalated by ever-fluctuating river levels due to consistent rain this Spring. He told KCRG

We are not off to a good start. People need to be mindful of the fact the river conditions are constantly changing and can quickly become treacherous

The two kayakers in this incident are okay, but Marx reiterated the importance of safe and responsible recreation in the county the rest of this spring and summer.

[Via KCRG]

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