With tax season in full bloom, the question many Iowans are asking is can the state of Iowa legally seize unpaid traffic fines from my tax refund?

KCRG reports that Iowa drivers are challenging the idea. Now it appears that an Iowa Administrative Law hearing will need to decide if it is legally permitted.

Last week, Iowa Attorney Jim Larew argued in a petition that the Department of Administrative Services doesn't have the legal authority to collect unpaid speeding and red light infractions issued by traffic cameras.

The petition argues that "under a recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling, vehicle owners are not liable for traffic camera citations until municipalities prove them in District Court. Because that typically doesn't happen, Larew argues the unpaid tickets are not debts and the state cannot collect them."

The whole idea of skimming tax refunds to pay for these fines seems pretty heavy-handed, even to those who feel that the traffic cameras are not unconstitutional.

Best advice: In the future, slow down - and avoid the fines altogether.

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