The Linn County Fair in Central City has reopened its campgrounds for essential workers here in Eastern Iowa.

Social distancing is incredibly difficult to do when you're an essential healthcare worker or police officer that's still going in to work every day. Many of these brave men and women are putting not only their own health at risk, but the health of their families, as well. For essential workers looking to keep some distance from the people in their homes, there is now another option.

Back on April 6th, Governor Kim Reynolds ordered that all campgrounds in Iowa close as part of a new proclamation. Fortunately, some campgrounds are able to stay open for essential workers. According to CBS 2, "the Linn County Fair is opening its campground space to essential healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic." 

Spaces are available campers, motorhomes, and tents for $10 per day. Water and electrical hookups are included. There are some rules listed on the official website. For example:

  • Campsites are only available to essential healthcare workers and police officers
  • Only one person is allowed at each campsite (unless they received prior authorization from the fairgrounds)
  • No visitors are allowed
  • Campers must practice social distancing

The Vice President of the Linn County Fair Jennifer Dunn told CBS 2 that they have already received a call and the first camper will arrive later this week.

If you'd like to donate toward a camper, please mail a check to:

Linn County Fair
PO BOX 329
Central City, IA 52214

Or, you can drop off a check at the fair's physical location at 201 Central City Rd in Central City.  We have a drop box at the front on building #2.

If you'd like more information you can visit the website HERE or contact Jennifer Dunn at or 319-929-3247.

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