Shootings and crime are always concerning, but when it happens right next to your home or business, that can make anyone feel unsafe.

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Safety is a big concern for one Cedar Rapids business owner after last weekend's shooting. Two people were killed and ten were left injured early Sunday morning when shots were fired inside Taboo nightclub in downtown Cedar Rapids. According to KCRG, Kelly Finn owns a college counseling company on 3rd Avenue close to the nightclub. She's concerned for her young clientele and college student tutors going in and out of the building.

Finn also told KCRG that she felt "misinformed" as she didn't know that the nightclub was even there considering there's no signage outside the building. She also shared that she's really considering moving her business, but wants to see how the city handles things before making any moves.

When location is so important for a business, it's understandable why Finn would have concerns. No word yet on if the city plans to take any measures in the incident or if the nightclub is still operating. Whether businesses decide to stay or leave, I'd imagine security measures will increase.

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