It may seem like real springtime weather is far away, but warmer temperatures will eventually return. And along with them come the bugs. All kinds. But one of the most dreaded is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

According to Wikipedia, the critters are most active from March to September. While they may be a bigger problem in the eastern and southern states, stink bugs are not uncommon in Iowa, and just as unwelcome.

The brown stink bugs like corn and soybeans, among other crops and were first detected in the U.S. around 1998. They arrived in Iowa around 2011. The little suckers are a severe agricultural problem in places like Pennsylvania and Virginia, and that could be a warning sign of things to come here in Iowa if we don't soon get ahold of the situation.

If you encounter stink bugs you can find more info and help at the ISU Extension Offices.

Our very own insect expert Heartland Pest Control President Curt Burgess says the most important thing to remember is not to crush the little buggers (that's what causes the big stink) ...and always wear gloves, in case you do smash a few during clean up.

Here are some more tips on how to deal with these pesky little critters.

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