Brothers Osborne have been hinting at a new album in the works for the past couple of months, and on Thursday (Feb. 20), they debuted the first taste of that next musical chapter. Brother duo John and TJ Osborne took the stage during the annual Universal Music Group luncheon and showcase at the 2020 Country Radio Seminar.

TJ told the crowd that the duo was feeling some nerves leading up to their performance, and that's a good thing -- because it means new music is on the way. "It's a good feeling to have, I think, mainly because we're gonna play a song that we've never played before," he explained.

The pair didn't say what the song's title was, though the hook suggests it may be "Skeletons in Your Closet." The Brothers Osborne are still in the process of creating their new album, they added, and they're not quite sure yet whether this song will be the first single.

"We miss y'all, and we're working on the new record. We're not finished," TJ told the industry-only crowd. "I don't know if this is gonna be a single or not, but if you feel so inclined to add it, we'll make it a new single."

The duo then launched into their bluesy, slightly sinister new tune, a driving anthem about suspicion and the worry that something might be lurking underneath the surface of a seemingly healthy relationship. As always, the song also features strong, prominent guitar-work from bandmate John Osborne.

"You've got skeletons in your closet / It's written all over your face," TJ sings in the chorus. "...You've got skeletons in your closet / And I've got bones to pick with them."

At the 2019 CMA Awards, the band explained that they wouldn't know for sure what their next album would bring until they went into the studio. "We just have a bunch of songs together. I think, ultimately, you don't really know until you start recording, sometimes, where it's gonna take you," TJ commented.

"We have ideas of where we want to go," he added. "But sometimes, in the studio, everything's off the table and you're just kind of saddling up and riding."

That being said, they did note that they were hoping to put out a new single early in 2020, and a new album later that year.

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