Country stars brought a wide variety of new songs to the party this week, from reflective tracks dedicated to lost loved ones to feel-good party anthems, and even one song about the changes within the country genre itself. Read on to get all caught up on the latest new tunes!

Brett Young, "Ticket to L.A.": 

"Ticket to L.A." is the title track of Brett Young's upcoming sophomore album. The upbeat love song is a breath of fresh air; in the chorus, Young sings about opting to miss his flight because he'd rather spend time in the airport with someone he just met. “It was midnight in the middle of JFK / Trying to take my mind off the falling rain / I was saying anything to make her laugh / Never wanted anything so bad,” Young sings. “She got me wishin’ that she could stay / Doesn’t even know that I missed my plane / Ain’t a single thing I wouldn’t trade / For a ticket to L.A.”

William Michael Morgan, "Brokenhearted":

William Michael Morgan’s latest song, “Brokenhearted,” will take listeners back. In the track, Morgan points out that country music is more about partying these days than it is about lamenting over love lost. “Country music is changing; the world is changing,” Morgan says in a press release. “Everybody is having a good time at their bonfires, and, trust me, I love a bonfire and the whole idea of cold beers flowing, girls on the tailgate. But people also work, people have real lives and go through bad times.” Adds the singer, “The whole message of the song is, ‘Ain’t nobody brokenhearted in country music anymore?’” “Brokenhearted” was written by Rhett Akins, JT Harding and Marv Green.

Mitchell Tenpenny, "Walk Like Him":

Mitchell Tenpenny is honoring his late father with his new song "Walk Like Him." Tenpenny's dad died at the age of 58, after battling soft-tissue cancer, and Tenpenny admits that he never really dealt with losing his father until the night he was inspired to write this song. Tenpenny tells People that “Walk Like Him” came to be one night on the road, when he was feeling alone; suddenly, he was confronted with the feelings he had bottled up, and he used writing the song as a way to heal. In “Walk Like Him,” Tenpenny sings about the various ways his personality and mannerisms reflect those of his dad -- including how his family says the singer walks like him.

Fairground Saints, "Somewhere Down the Line":

The Fairground Saints’ “Somewhere Down the Line” is a good-vibes song; listeners can expect plenty of banjo strumming, rhythmic handclaps and beautiful harmonies shared between the group. Band members Elijah Edwards, Meg McAllister and Mason Van Valin sing about chasing their goals and setting out on the road: “I’ve got a full tank of gas and some money / Let’s leave this small town and small dreams behind.” ““Somewhere Down the Line” is an accumulation of all our musical personalities,” says the band in a press release. “Writing it was a huge step forward in the development of who we are today, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.”

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