Something very special happened at this summer's Iowa State Fair and, thanks to Brett Eldredge, it's now coming to light.

Brett performed a free afternoon show on the grandstand stage at the fair on August 14. It was a show that was for members of the Iowa Farm Bureau and their families, those lucky enough to get tickets anyway.

While Brett was in Des Moines he was given a hat by a young fan. Brett posted a picture of himself in the hat this week, with this message:

A kid walked up to me and gave me this hat at the Iowa state fair this summer..he had a big smile on his face and a spark in his eyes...I could see his passion and how proud he was to hand me that hat with his name on it...I saw that kid and thought of being that age and the magic that the world held in my you grow up, you see the realities and the struggles life can bring...but deep down, you’re still that kid, and the Magic is still there...that is why I wear this hat...thanks for the are the GOAT kid

Brett Eldredge, Facebook
Brett Eldredge, Facebook

There's something else you should know about the boy Brett calls 'GOAT kid.' His name is Keaton and he's the youngest brother of Trevor Schwager. Trevor was a senior at West Des Moines Dowling when he was killed in a car accident in early December of 2017. His good friend Hunter St. John tells me Trevor showed goats at the Polk County Fair and Keaton showed goats at that same fair this summer. Keaton decided to give Brett Eldredge one of the hats because as Hunter explained,

Trevor loved country music! Keaton gave the hat to Brett and he knew that Trevor would have given him one if he was there.

The hats like the one Brett is wearing in the picture above are still for sale. All the money is going to Trevor's memorial fund. If you'd like to purchase one, call Marty at (515) 491-4292.

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