Brantley Gilbert is known as one of the toughest guys in country music, but a teething baby can conquer even the coolest of daddies.

In a new photo, Gilbert looks like he recently surrendered.

“Teething baby got him like...,” wrote Gilbert’s wife Amber on her Instagram page on Sunday (July 15) alongside a pic of Gilbert collapsed in what appears to be a much-deserved nap. “Barrett Hardy finally had a tooth poke through and we have the bags under our eyes to prove it!"

Before you feel too sorry for him, however: "Let’s be honest though. Brantley’s normally like this anyway," his wife wryly confesses.

It appears to be a teething saga over at the Gilbert house these days. Just a few days before, Amber mentioned their son’s questionable behavior in another Instagram post, alongside the hashtag #noteethyet.

“Happy 8 months to this little fern-destroying rugrat,” she wrote alongside a pic of their little one pulling the leaves off a household plant. “He loves to pull all the leaves off while I’m watering the other plants every morning.”

But that’s okay, it's all worth it. Gilbert sounds like he couldn’t be happier being a daddy to baby Barrett, who was born last November. He enjoys singing to his son, which no doubt is an effective soother for sore gums/temperaments.

“He seems to dig ‘Jesus Loves Me’ pretty good,” Gilbert said in an interview earlier this year. “And I know there’s gonna be people reading this that go, ‘I cannot imagine that dude singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to a child. That’s almost like a horror movie!’ I also gotta sing him a little bit of Skynyrd.”

Whether the rest of the teeth come through quickly or not, it looks like Gilbert won’t be getting much sleep anytime soon, anyway. He'll be heading back out on the road with none other than Kid Rock and Wheeler Walker, Jr., on Aug. 3 on the Red Blooded Rock 'n' Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.

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