Brantley Gilbert took it in his hands to tribute the late Charlie Daniels (who died last week at the age of 83) with a swampy cover of one of the legend's early "Long Haired Country Boy."

The song is a single off 1974's Fire on the Mountain album, and features unapologetic lyrics such as "I get stoned in the mornin', I get drunk in the afternoon," with the overlying message that anyone who does not approve can go right ahead and take their business elsewhere.

It is an easy sell from Gilbert, who has never been shy of sporting a bit of rebel attitude himself. He effortlessly does the song proud, taking on a casually confident tone as he adds his own brand of modern southern earthiness to the classic, all while accompanied by guitarist Jesse Franklin.

As Gilbert explained himself, he put the cover together "to honor the man [Daniels] was and the music he made...both will inspire me forever...RIP."

Daniels, a Country Music Hall of Famer, Grand Ole Opry member, and founder of the Charlie Daniels Band died on July 6 after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. "Long Haired Country Boy" was released a few years before Daniels' signature and biggest hit, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," which came out in 1979.

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