I laughed when my wife Holly called and told me that she got caught red-handed yesterday. Her crime? One that I'm guessing many of you have committed yourselves. I know that I'm guilty. She got busted for sneaking candy into a movie theater!

She took our two daughters to see a movie on Monday. After you pay for admission for three people, the price of food sometimes is just too much. We don't do it every time we see a movie, but occasionally we'll bring some candy of our own into the theater. Holly did just that yesterday. She waited until lights went down and then pulled the bags from her oversized purse. But she apparently didn't wait long enough.

Shortly after the film began, a young usher approached her and asked her for the candy that she clearly hadn't purchased from the concession area. She handed it over and was told she could have it back when they left. She was embarrassed and the kids, well, they were left without candy! The kicker is that just a few minutes later she heard several cans of soda being opened in the theater too. Clearly those weren't purchased in the lobby!

I'm not going to sit here and say it's right to bring in your own candy. Theaters are a business and have a right to make money. The biggest way they do is through concessions. But when I have five family members that want to see a movie and admission is over ten dollars a piece, I'm going to look for ways to save money! I guess next time I'll have to buy the candy in the boxes. They blend in better.

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