I've been hesitant to join the world of online clothes shopping. Call me old fashioned, but I like trying things on to make sure they fit good before I purchase it. But, the pandemic has changed many of our shopping habits for good. So I found an online clothing company I'd wanted to try for awhile so I pulled the trigger.

My first order, which was three items, came fairly quickly. I didn't pay for three day shipping, I took the standard option which was 3 to 7 business days. I came in about one week. After I decided that I liked what I ordered and it actually fit, I wanted to re-order right away. So I ordered four more items, and again chose the same shipping option. That was back on April 11th.

Since that day in early April, I've been able to follow my order thanks to my FedEx tracking number provided to me once my order shipped. I've had three days scheduled that my order was supposed to arrive. I'm zero for three. It never came. So I'd log back on and look at where on earth my package was! It turns out, it's been all over! Take a look!

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

My shipment started off in Nevada. It then traveled to Utah and Colorado. Then, it shipped to Missouri. Next stop, Iowa, right? Wrong. It was off to Minnesota! Then it skipped Iowa, again, and headed to Wisconsin. I've got to be next. Nope. Time for a quick trip to lovely Olathe, Kansas. After that, it was sent back to Wisconsin again. I was absolutely floored as to why my simple clothing order seemingly couldn't make it to Iowa!

I contacted the support from the company I ordered from and they got back to me quickly. I told them that I wasn't angry at them, or really even FedEx. I just didn't understand the delay. They relayed to me that delivery companies are short staffed due to COVID-19. They are also hauling COVID vaccines from state to state as well. And no matter how much I want my clothing order, it takes a backseat to the vaccine. In the end, they assured me my order would eventually come, and if it did not, they would make it good.

So here we are on April 26th. My delivery status know says "On the Way." I'll believe it when I see it.


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