This is my 20th year of doing mornings at KHAK. 20 years of getting up just after 3 a.m. and driving to work in all kinds of questionable weather conditions. I've seen my share of snow storms. But the one that hit Eastern Iowa last night did something that no other has ever done. It got me stuck. For the first time in 20 years, I couldn't get to work because of the weather.

Now I've had situations where I've had to have rides before. My car battery died or I had some other mechanical issues. But never because my car was stuck in the driveway. And that's where it sits as of right now. Some of you may ask, "Brain, why don't you put your car in the garage at night?" I'm glad you asked. We only have a one stall garage at our home in Marion and that spot goes to my wife's vehicle. She does in fact, have to get the kids to school and herself to work most mornings, so I've always let her have the garage. I'm rethinking that decision.

My car this morning was parked at a bit of an incline, which in this slippery, wet snow, did me no favors. I tried to shovel out of the mess and at least get myself to the street but to no avail. So I made the call I hate to make. The call to Courtlin for help. She was able to make it to my house, not easily mind you, and pick me up so you can enjoy your normal KHAK morning show today. For a split second, I almost felt like a kid again. I couldn't get to work! SNOW DAY!

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