Take a guess as to what is making these stains on my house. GO ahead, give it a shot (and no, it's NOT a flock of birds flying south for the winter!) It happens every fall like clockwork and has to do with something on my property. Alright, I tell you, it's walnuts. Dirty, stinking walnuts!

The walnut tree on our property hangs directly over our house. It's a huge tree and provides a lot of shade for our home. When we bought our house nearly 14 years ago, it never crossed my mind to ask, "Hey, what type of tree is that?" But now I wish I would have. This tree drops bombs on our house, cars and anything else in its path every fall.  They say that every other year is an up year for walnuts. Well, this year is an up year!

But this year, I've got help cleaning the mess. The kids helped me pick up two trash cans FULL of walnuts the past few days. They've got a couple of claw-like devices to pick them up with, so their hands don't get covered in walnut slime. My favorite part of the task though, was when my daughter, Cayleigh, asked me: "Are we done picking up the coconuts?"  Imagine THOSE falling onto your house!

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