Yodeling has apparently taken over our lives!

Last Thursday, Brain and I decided that we wanted to be like 11-year-old Mason Ramsey, aka Little Hank. We put on our best jeans and white button-down shirts and we headed to the SW side Walmart to do a bit of yodeling. This goes without saying, but it was hilariously awful:

On Friday night, Brain and I hosted the 2018 Uncork a Wish Gala with Make-A-Wish Iowa. While hosting the event, I was somehow able to squeeze in the fact that Brain was an excellent yodeler. The crowd didn't forget. At the end of the night, somebody promised the attendees that Brain would yodel if the total could hit $50,000. Guess what? We hit the total:

I think he did a little better during his Walmart performance, but that's just me. Shout out to Brain for being a good sport, though! His wife hid her face the entire time.

Thank you so much to everybody who came out or donated to Make-A-Wish Iowa this weekend! We had a fantastic time, per usual. We were also excited to see our buddy Adam at the event. Here are the only photos we managed to take the entire night:

Jaymz Larson
Jaymz Larson

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