The year was 1988. And two young boys had just finished opening up Christmas presents for the year. As my brother and I sat to look over our haul, my Mom had an announcement. She'd forgotten one present in the closet. What could it be? Surely if it was important it would have been under the tree. Oh, how naive we were. The gift was all bundled up in a garbage bag. Soon our lives would change forever.

As my parents pulled out a Nintendo Entertainment System, my brother and I began to jump around in excitement. I nearly knocked the tree over. We couldn't believe it. The hottest toy of the season and WE had one! I'm still not sure how my parents did it. Before the night was over we had that thing hooked up and playing games. I can still remember feeling like we were on cloud nine. Nothing could ever beat that gift.

Looking back at my childhood, that was the defining Christmas gift I remember. What was YOUR most memorable gift you received? Did you jump? Cry? Scream?

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