The kids got to spend the night at my parent's farm north of Anamosa over the weekend. While Holly and I enjoyed the Dierks Bentley show, they got to experience life on the farm. It was a life I took for granted while I grew up there, but is one that I am reminded of every time we visit. Life in the country is just different than life in town.

Chase is interested in guns. What 12-year-old boy isn't? He has his collection of Nerf guns, and several years ago he got his first BB gun for his birthday. But he can't even shoot that in town. So a trip to the farm means wide open spaces and the ability to take some target practice. After shooting at a paper target, Chase got to try out his aim on a moving one. He was given the same opportunity I was when I had my BB gun. We were allowed to kill what were determined to be nuisance birds. Sparrows and of course, pigeons. They were numerous and caused a mess. So Chase downed his first pigeon Saturday night. He was a proud hunter. He saved a feather. PETA will be happy to know that the bird served as a great meal for all the farm cats. Nothing goes to waste on the farm.

Sunday brought some more target practice, this time with the same .22 rifle that I learned to shoot with when I was a kid. Watching my dad give Chase the same lessons he once gave me was pretty cool. I grew up around guns. We were taught to respect them. My dad taught my brother and me how to use them, care for them, and how to store them. These are lessons that I want Chase to know. He took the first steps this weekend.

Yes, life on the farm is more than just guns. It's also ATV rides across the countryside. Chase and his sisters enjoyed that during the nice weather of the weekend. Chase asked me while on a ride what we did on the farm when I was a kid. I told him, anything we wanted to. That's only what it felt like of course. I had boundaries just like every other kid did. It's just that my fence line went a lot farther. Our backyard in town features a chain link fence. My backyard on the farm was as far as my eyes could see. It's something that my kids can feel whenever they head out to the country. It's a feeling that I miss.

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