I can't believe it, but we are DONE with the month of October! That means it's November, which means that we have arrived at our final Listener Lunch destination for the year. We said goodbye to Wild Hogs in Walford this week, but next week we say hello to a place we've NEVER gone for Listener Lunch before... Ruby's Pizzeria!

Ruby's Pizzeria is located at 223 2nd Street SE in Downtown Cedar Rapids, just a couple of blocks away from the radio station! They've actually supplied pizza for a few of our work meetings in the past, but we've never gotten the chance to visit the restaurant. That will change next week!

Ruby's offers all sorts of great pizzas, including specialty ones like taco and bacon cheeseburger. My favorite part is that they also offer Chicago/Detroit style pizza, which means DEEP DISH!

If you and up to 6 of your coworkers would like to come eat at Ruby's Pizzeria with us on a Tuesday in November, get entered for Listener Lunch HERE.

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