If you're a fan of wood-fired pizzas, you're definitely going to want to join us for Listener Lunch this month! After an amazing month of June at Wild Hogs in Walford (try that Buffalo chicken dip appetizer - it's unreal!), Brain and I will be moving down the road to Amana to eat at a place neither of us has eaten at before.

P.H.A.T. Daddy's, located in the former Brick Haus building in Main Amana, is known for their sandwiches, homemade soups, and their wood-fired pizzas. By the looks of the photos on their Facebook page, we are NOT going to be disappointed! Check out some of these menu and special items:

If any of this looks good to you, make sure you get signed up to win Listener Lunch with us in the month of July! We will eat at P.H.A.T. Daddy's at 11:30 a.m. all five Tuesdays during the month. We'd love to take some work groups from out that way, so if you'd like to get entered just click HERE!

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