It's been more than four months since Cooper disappeared and while we haven't given up hope we'll find him someday, we've made an addition to our family.

Today's story isn't a sad one. Today, it's about a new beginning. It's about new life. It's about an adorable new puppy Julie and I haven't yet named.

It was a few short weeks ago that Julie mentioned a Sheltie puppy that she thought we should adopt. It was honestly the first time we'd discussed a new puppy. I knew that someday we'd be ready, but were we now? I immediately said I'd like to wait 'til spring. Training is much easier when the weather isn't frigid. Then I saw his picture for the first time and I became weak in the knees. Meet the new addition to our family, and his mom and dad.

The little fella will be our third Sheltie. We're kind of partial. He's part of a litter of 10, that all survived. If pictures aren't adorable enough, we took a little video too.

We're picking the little guy up Saturday morning and maybe, just maybe, he'll have a name by then. One thing is for sure, he's going to be getting plenty of love.