At the risk of being the man who cried 'last album,' Blake Shelton says his next record will probably be his final. Maybe. As he admits to Entertainment Tonight, he said that the last time, too.

“I mean, that last album I made was gonna be my last — this next album I’m makin’s probably gonna be my last album,” he says with a smirk, though the interviewer protested. “So I really gotta decide what I wanna do."

If he’s done making country music, Shelton says he’ll be done as a coach on The Voice, too — and in the entertainment business as a whole. “I don’t do entertainment anymore, kids,” he says, nonchalant.

Even his co-judge on The Voice, Alicia Keys, didn’t seem convinced at first, but she admits she could see him being retired from music, living off the land.

“I could see you not doing entertainment though, actually. Just gettin’ up early, weedin’ and hoein’,” she responds.

Shelton couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a joke, though, declaring that "hoein’ means something different in Oklahoma."

Time will tell whether or not he actually sticks to his plan. His most recent record If I’m Honest produced two No. 1 singles, "Came Here to Forget" and "Guy with a Girl." Shelton is on his 12th consecutive season as a coach on The Voice, where he met girlfriend Gwen Stefani following his divorce from Miranda Lambert in 2015.

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