Shots have been fired to engage a mullet war between Morgan Wallen and Blake Shelton. When asked what he really thinks of the newcomer's hairdo, Shelton said, "It's pretty weak."

He didn't even hesitate or try to backtrack, either. Talking to Opie & Carina of the New 100.3 the Wolf in Knoxville, Tenn., the "Minimum Wage" singer says Wallen has a ways to go to match the best of them — literally.

"His mullet is kind of like a bob haircut," Shelton says. "I wanna see it get down to about the middle of his back, like me and you know, Tracy Lawrence."

"Toby Keith even had some kind of a weird mullet back then. I wanna see some length on that thing," the elder singer continues. See the full clip of him talking about Wallen's mullet below.

What's Up With Morgan Wallen's Mullet?

This isn't the first time someone has asked Shelton about Wallen and his hair. In the early '00s, Shelton sported a long, dark mullet on many of his album covers and along every red carpet he walked. It began to get progressively shorter toward the middle of the decade — Shelton too had a bob at one point — until disappearing while he was in a relationship with Miranda Lambert.

A year ago, Shelton said he was going to grow it back, but he didn't get very far into that endeavor.

"For me, you can't be fat and have a mullet," he told the Bobby Bones Show earlier this month. During that same interview, he mostly complimented Wallen, calling him a good-looking guy while praising his career. So, this latest comment was most likely in jest.

Longtime fans of both artists may recall that they competed elsewhere prior to competing for best hair and space on country airplay charts. In 2014, Wallen was on The Voice, first on Team Usher and then Team Adam. He was cut before becoming a finalist.

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