Following the success of Garth Brooks' drive-in concert on June 27 in which he played for 350,000 fans at 300 drive-ins, according to Forbes, the company behind it has announced a drive-in concert series. Blake Shelton will help get it off the ground.

Encore Live has announced the Encore Drive-In Nights concert series. The first show will feature Blake Shelton, his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, and Blake's longtime friend, Trace Adkins. The show, recorded for showing at more than 280 drive-ins across North America on Saturday, July 25, will feature performances from all three artists, along with interviews, and storytelling. And some laughs. You can bet on that anytime Blake is involved.

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Blake Shelton said in a statement,

This is such a great way to enjoy music with your family and friends and stay safe. I’m excited we’re getting the chance to perform a concert for fans, and we’re going to go back and play old hits like ‘Austin,’ newer songs like ‘God’s Country’ and we might even introduce something brand new!

The concert will show in Iowa at the Blue Grass Drive-In in Blue Grass, and the Superior 71 Drive-In in Spirit Lake. It will also be shown at six drive-ins in Illinois, three in Minnesota, two in Missouri, four in Nebraska, and 10 in Wisconsin.

The Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Trace Adkins drive-in concert is $114.99 per vehicle. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 14 at noon, local venue time, HERE. As the site says, 'Drive-In. Rock Out.' I'm sure thousands upon thousands will.

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